I have made the decision to continue with MKMMA…this is no surprise to anyone who has followed me.

I was very skeptical of the results but as time went on and I started to put the effort into the exercises, magic began to happen. I am not referring to the business end alone, but my whole life, my family life and most importantly my relationships with everyone.

Business is growing and I am attracting to it the quality of the people like never before. Clients keep me busy and it feels so right when I work form my heart and not my pocket book.

I have applied 90% of what I have learnt, yes there are still some areas that I can improve and that is what I am doing.

I may not be vocal on the calls but I do know the person that is writing this is a purpose driven person.

I feel so blessed to know why I am really here on this earth that it brings me to tears. I am forever grateful for Mark and Devene guiding without interference towards my spiritual being.

Since the course has ended, I continue with my readings etc.  I am a big girl and I seriously take responsibility for myself.

My mastermind partner in crime…Marian, awesome guy. We connect and it is as if we have known each other for ever.

We plan on meeting and he is paying for the first round of coffee, the second round is on me.

Tomorrow I am off to Barbados for a little over a week. No electronics of any kind is gong with me . Business is taken care by one of my associates that is ready to step up.

I am looking forward to walks on the beach, yoga and meditation, eating healthy and resting.

My scholarship is being gifted to my husband….I know he doesn’t quite get it so for both of us to grow in the same direction, he has to be on the Hero’s journey as well.

Much love and appreciation


Yesterday’s webcast put all the pieces that I had instinctly known.

The phrase ” I am nature’s greatest miracle” played over and over in my head. And why not?

I am “Nature’s Greatest Miracle” since I flow with nature.

Today’s sit , I just let my mind played with this thought while watching the birds and the trees.

Now , why is my title Emmy Noether?

Even in the realm of science, mathematics … ‘1915, Noether uncovered one of science’s most extraordinary ideas, proving that every symmetry found in nature has a corresponding law of conservation. So, for example, the fact that physical laws work the same today as they did yesterday turns out to be related to the notion that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.’

She also worked on the Albert Einstein’s Theory and made the following discovery:

” Noether’s theorems show is that anytime there’s a symmetry in a physical system, there’s a related law of conservation.

Here’s an example: Let’s say we conduct a scientific experiment today. If we then conduct the exact same experiment tomorrow, we’d expect the laws of physics to behave in exactly the same way. This is “time symmetry.” Noether showed that if a system has time symmetry, then energy can’t be created or destroyed in that system — we get the law of conservation of energy

Ok, so I get a bit(lot ) carried away… putting it all together for me is that everytime I finish a sit, or a reading the universe sends me a message….Emmy Noether and a young lady this morning

The young lady told me something that made  a profound effect on me.

She said that “She couldn’t love someone who did not love themself”  The other thing she said is that …and she pointed to her head ..”I am God”…


This was the answer and beginning of a conversation for my son.

I truly understand the “I LOVE YOU FERIAL” at the end of the day with “The Gal in the mirror”

I felt silly at first , now i say it with meaning, wink at her and tell her she is so awesome!

There is so much I have to say but since I put myself on the path of least effort …I am busier than ever before.

Life is busier and at the same time easier.

Much gratitude

Nature’s greatest miracle….FERIAL!!!

I love this week focusing on the spiritual me. I have always believed that I was very spiritual and did not mix that up with religion.

So far a great week and there is so much to do and think about. For me it was the Laws of Least Effort.

It was great to realize that this was the progression that we were gently led to.  Beautifully done!

Our habits which I continue and am so grateful for, sitting in the mornings, readings, using music to enhance my DMP.

I feel such joy and happiness… and speaking of happiness, when I say I am happy and harmonious…I have to smile.

I have embraced this spiritual me. The world is an amazing place. Spring is right around the corner and week 23 was powerful.  The buds on the trees are doing what they do..unfurling ( not as yet) but I know that that is what will happen…cause that is what they will do.

On my sit today, I spent time thinking of all of nature that just do what they do…no one questions it..it just is!

And here I am…spiritual me…the creative being letting go of things …learning to live the life of least effort.

I do know work is necessary as growth of my mind to live the law of effortless.  Og story was inspiring…

Hard work, your passion, dharma and believe in yourself and the universe speaks and align everything to help you get there. My believe in what I do has never been stronger. I have shift my focus completely from worry about production to “How can I be of service to others and how can I teach others to be of service to others.”

The ease and bluntness that I speak to others and upfront feels so right…Mark and Devene I appreciate your prompts to “GET IT DONE!!!”

Procrastination is still there and I am so much aware of that it is easy for me to say “Do it NOW!!”

As I am writing this and reflecting where I was 24 weeks ago and my expectations…totally new person..one I like, one that is very confident …I know I have been given a gift…a gift of the true me!

Much , much gratitude…my hearts sings knowing that I was meant to be part of this great journey and I know it is not over but a great beginning to my future self.

Silence …what a wonderful place to be. The most interesting about my half day of silence is that it did not take that long to settle my mind.  Beautiful transition for an hour of sitting to 6 hours of silence.  Its all in the progression!

I found that I was able to dig deep and look at me, really be honest with myself and know that what I am becoming is a good place to be. Believe in myself, be confident and ground myself.  This is so very evident in my business.

The strength of my voice the boldness of me gets my message loud and clear.

I had someone called me for a certain product, which I do sell.  I sat down with the person, and really listen to what she was telling me. At the end of the conversation, I told her that the product was not what she needed. I left empty handed? Yes and No…I got her husband who was listening to me interested in my business and I said that before we move forward, he should educate himself to find out exactly what he has and how he can improve his financial house.

I could have sold them the product and leave but as I have always said , integrity in business is looking at “The Gal in the Mirror”

Og’s Let not your thoughts control your actions, it is greater for your actions to control your thoughts…

Powerful especially dealing with difficult people. I smile and let my actions….control my thoughts. This is such a different perspective of life. In the past I would let the thoughts simmer and boil, having it take control of my actions/moods for the day…No more…I take control.

Much, much gratitude.


This has been a crazy time for me.  I have more people interested in my business than ever before. More referrlas.

This past week end , I attended a Women in Primerica Event. The main guest speaker spoke of all the habits that we are forming in MMKA.  It was like she was speaking to me and telling me that I am on the right path.

This was such a powerful weekend that I can hardly sit still and the momentum to push through and getting all the stuff that Mark and Devene said that we have to do, has such a sense of urgency.

I am feeling so blessed that I have such clarity of where I am going, who I am and my future self says…leadership is yours.

Our guest speaker ,did nothing for two years into Primerica, she read, did a lot of self improvement, and she said that when she felt she was ready for leadership , things happened.

Don’t have midget thinking! Release the Giant within you.  Impactful since I was experiencing this.

My husband said that he could feel the energy I was giving off and that is when he knows to get out of my way.

I found that I am much more intuitive with people than ever before. My mastermind partner is so good for me.

As we speak, which is at least once a day, I experience this powerful being within me.

Today I had to take time for 3 hours of silence….I knew I needed it to organize my thoughts. I know I have an incredible amount of knowledge and it is only now I am applying that knowledge. Mostly that innate knowledge.

I have cried more times these past three days for I feel for others and wanting more for them. There have been tears of realization and happiness that galvanizes me to a higher level.

I have so much to say that words are not enough. I wish you could see/feel the energy that is with me.

My future self is now!

Much, much gratitude for this journey and who I am today.

Well….it has been a hectic, productive and rewarding two weeks.

My life has been upside down with the many opportunities that have come my way.

Did I manifest those ? More great people on my team, more referrals from clients and of course my income has gone up.

This is an incredible journey to be on.

I am passionate about doing my readings in the morning and sit. This has given me focus in dealing with my day.

On my appointments I am singing and having this great feeling of accomplishment and power.

I must admit that I have not been able to get my all my Og readings done.

I read the  “Gal in the glass ”  she keeps me smiling knowing I can look at myself with integrity.

My mastermind partner has been so good…it is great to bounce ideas off each other and support each other…especially when I confess that I have not been able to do “All that I can”  His sense of humour and helping put things in perspective is awesome.

This past week, my power and being fearless was amazing….I had to present to a corporation our company and retirement plans etc..  I went in their prepared and then it changed…the product that I thought that  they want want was not the one they require. So I switch gear, and had a discussion of what would benefit them and their company. I did not do a sale but got a follow up appointment to prepare for what they really require .I just went with the flow.

In the past , it would be lets close this sale. Today it is let me see how I can be of service.

My team is growing  because as my husband said, “I am politely bold”

After midnight on Monday, I will be back to fulfilling my part of the my “Hero’s journey”

With much gratitude

A breath, to breathe …calming , knowing that we are ok.

Do you ever notice that when we are angry we are told to take a deep breath.

We can go without food for aver 3 weeks and water for about a week.

We cannot go without air for more than 6 mins.  Breath…the life force in us.

Our connection to everything on earth, animals, plants and even tiny microbes.

When we meditate, we follow our breath to get in the right state..now we know the answer.

Cardio,,,increase your breathing, open your lungs ..get energize!

This weeks sit was interesting…I have always known and felt that I am part of the universe/higher being/God/Allah

I know when I go to bed at night and close my eyes, the darkness that I see is not pitch black but is moving.

My feelings are those of someone being part of the universe and seeing everything. This is difficult for me to explain but it is a powerful feeling. It is as though I am moving through space and that I can observe from above.

I told this to my mastermind partner and we both had a great discussion of it. I asked him if he can stand in front of himself and observe himself . Sitting, holding the phone , the angle of view…I can do that.

Isn’t that what really separates us from animals…we can observe ourselves.

It was interesting to mastermind with an actual person of MKMMA , sort of a relief. Her is someone who understnads what you are saying and able to feed off each others ideas.  I wish I had done this earlier.

So…those who don’t have a mastermind group…go get one!! Thanks Trish…I was just doing my homework and not expecting the results that I got!

Very busy time for me now…RRSP time and I am finding it difficult to put in all my readings. New and past clients are contacting me . The universe has spoken…ask and you shall receive.

I am doing all my readings etc. in the margin of time.

Good habits are the key to success!!!

Much gratitude for my mastermind partner.