Live each day as if it is your last day….This to me was very cliché until I read Scroll 5.  You know you hear it being said without any details as to the how and the reason.  Can’t change the past and predict the future , live in the present.

This had a great impact on my life in the way I greet my day and how I ended my day. Feeling blessed to have a full day to complete my DMP . The end of the day I am so thankful I had another day. What is amazing and pushing me forward is that I have to make every moment count and have a productive day.

My perspective when I read the obituaries are so different . The average age for the past three days is 92.  I now wonder what their lives were like and would they want to extend it.

I am experiencing a greater connection with people.

I have had meeting with people who are sending me the same message as I am reading in Og.

Monday I gave blood,(my 25th donation) and the nurse and I connect at such a positive level . we talk about positive environment and how we make that happen by our attitude.

Yesterday, I met an elderly gentleman and he made me laugh . He was so positive that he appear to be younger.

Today I bumped into a friend of my niece, Abby, and before you know it we were having the same conversation. We were talking of how positive thoughts affect our lives. She thanked me for helping her out in the past. Funny thing I don’t remember how but then she told me. It was a conversation of what she wanted to do and I give her some ideas to pursue it. She has since then won a contest base on her work and as such she has an interview with a gallery to showcase her work.

I find for some odd reason that the reading this week to be difficult. Its like I am reading and not understanding.  I get bits and pieces of what I am reading but it isn’t jelling.  My sits are not focus, I have a difficult time.

I love doing the gratitude cards and reminiscing, feeling and experiencing a wonderful experience.

Life is wonderful !!!! I am forever grateful that I am alive and loved!