As I reflect on this week , here are things that are noticeable.

I have let go of so many habits, words and actions that in the past would affect all around me.

Within me is a calmness, peace and happier person….this is reflected in my interaction with others as well.

My intuition serves me well in dealing with people and business. I am attracting good people to work with me.

As a leader I am coming across more decisive ( One of the traits I worked on and continue to work on)

My mentor is seeing a change in me and my growth is very evident in terms of my income.

I love the reading this past week that I not only read them early morning but late at night.  I truly understand the oneness of duality.  One does not exist without the other. The mind is a powerful tool and I am just learning to really use it.  I use to say that everything was “mind over matter” and not really understanding it.

Actually I use it in a joke…”Age is mind over matter….if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter”

Wow! Did I miss the bigger picture!

I am natures greatest miracle for I can think , control my thoughts and most importantly create my life.

I feel like a new kid with a blank canvas.  Create away!!!