Glumpy me is gone! This has been an amazing week.

Acts of kindness continues without hesitation and it feels good. My family are so amazing , doing little things not only for the home but for colleagues and strangers.

This week I focused on courage and that I feel has made a lot of differences. I noticed nature being courageous.

It is winter and you should see the birds and ducks that are around in the backyard. Cardinals and Blue Jays and all the tiny little ones..flying around finding the berries on the trees/bushes.  I leave all the plants, bushes and grasses intact for the birds.

Work has been so busy that I am amazed of all the activity that has been generated. My authentic self is guiding me with new people on the team and talking to others about my business.

My spirit feels light. I chose to read Emerson and the insights that I see now are amazing. What struck me this time is that our journey is guided by “Give more , get more”

The laws are all come together clearer.

I use to read the obituaries years ago, to see if I knew anyone that passed away. And yes twice I saw friends of my parents.  Then I stopped .

Now reading the obituaries, the first thing I notice , is the age of the person. For the young , I feel sad for their lives being shortened . For the older ones , the family is an indication of how they lived.  I think I became more sensitive to the obituaries since I have had to deal with four funerals in the past 2 months.  This certainly gives us perspective on our lives. I feel blessed to have my mom (82) living with me and in good health. Much gratitude for all that we have.

Reading OG…I know that for me to truly successful we much enhance what makes us so unique. Stand out and be the true authentic self that you are!   Is this what is making me feel that I can conquer the world ? The world without is changing because my world within is also changing.  My mentor notices that there are changes within me.

I love my walks even when I don’t realize it is  -12C…just me , my music, my DMP or my press release…I can feel my heart pumping and so alive. ( even when my phone stopped working cause it was too cold, I kept on singing !)  I love walking especially early in the morning…I have the world to myself.

I look forward to my Hero’s journey……I know I have a way to go.