I have made the decision to continue with MKMMA…this is no surprise to anyone who has followed me.

I was very skeptical of the results but as time went on and I started to put the effort into the exercises, magic began to happen. I am not referring to the business end alone, but my whole life, my family life and most importantly my relationships with everyone.

Business is growing and I am attracting to it the quality of the people like never before. Clients keep me busy and it feels so right when I work form my heart and not my pocket book.

I have applied 90% of what I have learnt, yes there are still some areas that I can improve and that is what I am doing.

I may not be vocal on the calls but I do know the person that is writing this is a purpose driven person.

I feel so blessed to know why I am really here on this earth that it brings me to tears. I am forever grateful for Mark and Devene guiding without interference towards my spiritual being.

Since the course has ended, I continue with my readings etc.  I am a big girl and I seriously take responsibility for myself.

My mastermind partner in crime…Marian, awesome guy. We connect and it is as if we have known each other for ever.

We plan on meeting and he is paying for the first round of coffee, the second round is on me.

Tomorrow I am off to Barbados for a little over a week. No electronics of any kind is gong with me . Business is taken care by one of my associates that is ready to step up.

I am looking forward to walks on the beach, yoga and meditation, eating healthy and resting.

My scholarship is being gifted to my husband….I know he doesn’t quite get it so for both of us to grow in the same direction, he has to be on the Hero’s journey as well.

Much love and appreciation