Silence …what a wonderful place to be. The most interesting about my half day of silence is that it did not take that long to settle my mind.  Beautiful transition for an hour of sitting to 6 hours of silence.  Its all in the progression!

I found that I was able to dig deep and look at me, really be honest with myself and know that what I am becoming is a good place to be. Believe in myself, be confident and ground myself.  This is so very evident in my business.

The strength of my voice the boldness of me gets my message loud and clear.

I had someone called me for a certain product, which I do sell.  I sat down with the person, and really listen to what she was telling me. At the end of the conversation, I told her that the product was not what she needed. I left empty handed? Yes and No…I got her husband who was listening to me interested in my business and I said that before we move forward, he should educate himself to find out exactly what he has and how he can improve his financial house.

I could have sold them the product and leave but as I have always said , integrity in business is looking at “The Gal in the Mirror”

Og’s Let not your thoughts control your actions, it is greater for your actions to control your thoughts…

Powerful especially dealing with difficult people. I smile and let my actions….control my thoughts. This is such a different perspective of life. In the past I would let the thoughts simmer and boil, having it take control of my actions/moods for the day…No more…I take control.

Much, much gratitude.