I love this week focusing on the spiritual me. I have always believed that I was very spiritual and did not mix that up with religion.

So far a great week and there is so much to do and think about. For me it was the Laws of Least Effort.

It was great to realize that this was the progression that we were gently led to.  Beautifully done!

Our habits which I continue and am so grateful for, sitting in the mornings, readings, using music to enhance my DMP.

I feel such joy and happiness… and speaking of happiness, when I say I am happy and harmonious…I have to smile.

I have embraced this spiritual me. The world is an amazing place. Spring is right around the corner and week 23 was powerful.  The buds on the trees are doing what they do..unfurling ( not as yet) but I know that that is what will happen…cause that is what they will do.

On my sit today, I spent time thinking of all of nature that just do what they do…no one questions it..it just is!

And here I am…spiritual me…the creative being letting go of things …learning to live the life of least effort.

I do know work is necessary as growth of my mind to live the law of effortless.  Og story was inspiring…

Hard work, your passion, dharma and believe in yourself and the universe speaks and align everything to help you get there. My believe in what I do has never been stronger. I have shift my focus completely from worry about production to “How can I be of service to others and how can I teach others to be of service to others.”

The ease and bluntness that I speak to others and upfront feels so right…Mark and Devene I appreciate your prompts to “GET IT DONE!!!”

Procrastination is still there and I am so much aware of that it is easy for me to say “Do it NOW!!”

As I am writing this and reflecting where I was 24 weeks ago and my expectations…totally new person..one I like, one that is very confident …I know I have been given a gift…a gift of the true me!

Much , much gratitude…my hearts sings knowing that I was meant to be part of this great journey and I know it is not over but a great beginning to my future self.