May 27th, 2017

Its a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I just finished one of my most interesting interviews. I got chosen to interview Ferial and Daniel at their home in Mississauga.

I was thrill to do an interview with the”Super couple” . My expectations of them living in grandiose style was shot out the water.

Their home was of modest size, nothing pretentious or flashy except for the beautiful tulips and other spring flowers

Before I could ring the door bell, the door flew open and Ferial stood there welcoming me in. 

She was dressed  in a simple and elegant  lemon yellow long dress, her hair was tied back , her jewellery consists of jingling bangles and anklets.

Both Daniel and Ferial  insist that I call them by their first name and made me feel like an old friend.

We went to their sun room, a beautiful room filled with light and a view of tall trees and more garden. I found out that one of  Ferial’s passion is gardening.

After refreshments, we got down to business.  I wanted to know the secret that this couple had to be as successful as they were.

They crossed a huge milestones in a short period of time and they are well known for giving back to their community.

I asked Ferial how they accomplished  having 500 licenced representatives and  10 Regional Vice Presidents and not to mention that their income crossed the half a million mark.!

She replied that her and Daniel in the fall of 2014 sat down and wrote out their dreams and visions for their future which coincidentally included this interview.

She laughed and got so animated telling how her and Daniel stayed focus and now they were living their dream.

They were able to do amazing things for their family and friends. She was able to fully fund her  nieces and nephews university education, her friend Eva was able to have a better quality of life,

they were able to help fund many projects at their mosque, they fly to Alberta at least once a month to see the kids and grand kids. This she continued is just the tip of what they have enjoyed.

They spend 2 to 3 months of winter at their beautiful home in Barbados and as Ferial puts it”getting defrosted”

This she said was because she took a shot at becoming part of a mastermind group the turning point in her life. She found out what was her Dharma ( Definite Major Purpose in Life)

That she said  made developing her business, building better relationship both at work and at home a natural thing for her.  Ferial got quiet and smiled and I felt the love that was radiating from her.

I turned to Daniel and I could see how proud he was of his wife . I asked him what it was to be married to Ferial. His answer was ” Everyday is an adventure”.

He then showed me tickets and itinerary of  the next big adventure for himself and Ferial booked for Oct of this year, a trip across Rajasthan travelling in the style of kings. 

I know from the records from Primerica office that this couple averages $20 000/m in income and they really don’t need to work anymore. What blew me away is that they continue to work, mentoring their associates in achieving what they have.  As Ferial puts it, her vision of retirement took a whole new perspective when she found her Dharma. And as Daniel said of her, ” She loves helping others”

I was reluctant to end the interview as I was enjoying my visit. Both Daniel and Ferial extended the invitation to drop by any time.  Ferial gave me hug and  she whispered  ” Do you know your Dharma?”