Well….it has been a hectic, productive and rewarding two weeks.

My life has been upside down with the many opportunities that have come my way.

Did I manifest those ? More great people on my team, more referrals from clients and of course my income has gone up.

This is an incredible journey to be on.

I am passionate about doing my readings in the morning and sit. This has given me focus in dealing with my day.

On my appointments I am singing and having this great feeling of accomplishment and power.

I must admit that I have not been able to get my all my Og readings done.

I read the  “Gal in the glass ”  she keeps me smiling knowing I can look at myself with integrity.

My mastermind partner has been so good…it is great to bounce ideas off each other and support each other…especially when I confess that I have not been able to do “All that I can”  His sense of humour and helping put things in perspective is awesome.

This past week, my power and being fearless was amazing….I had to present to a corporation our company and retirement plans etc..  I went in their prepared and then it changed…the product that I thought that  they want want was not the one they require. So I switch gear, and had a discussion of what would benefit them and their company. I did not do a sale but got a follow up appointment to prepare for what they really require .I just went with the flow.

In the past , it would be lets close this sale. Today it is let me see how I can be of service.

My team is growing  because as my husband said, “I am politely bold”

After midnight on Monday, I will be back to fulfilling my part of the my “Hero’s journey”

With much gratitude