Yesterday’s webcast put all the pieces that I had instinctly known.

The phrase ” I am nature’s greatest miracle” played over and over in my head. And why not?

I am “Nature’s Greatest Miracle” since I flow with nature.

Today’s sit , I just let my mind played with this thought while watching the birds and the trees.

Now , why is my title Emmy Noether?

Even in the realm of science, mathematics … ‘1915, Noether uncovered one of science’s most extraordinary ideas, proving that every symmetry found in nature has a corresponding law of conservation. So, for example, the fact that physical laws work the same today as they did yesterday turns out to be related to the notion that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.’

She also worked on the Albert Einstein’s Theory and made the following discovery:

” Noether’s theorems show is that anytime there’s a symmetry in a physical system, there’s a related law of conservation.

Here’s an example: Let’s say we conduct a scientific experiment today. If we then conduct the exact same experiment tomorrow, we’d expect the laws of physics to behave in exactly the same way. This is “time symmetry.” Noether showed that if a system has time symmetry, then energy can’t be created or destroyed in that system — we get the law of conservation of energy

Ok, so I get a bit(lot ) carried away… putting it all together for me is that everytime I finish a sit, or a reading the universe sends me a message….Emmy Noether and a young lady this morning

The young lady told me something that made  a profound effect on me.

She said that “She couldn’t love someone who did not love themself”  The other thing she said is that …and she pointed to her head ..”I am God”…


This was the answer and beginning of a conversation for my son.

I truly understand the “I LOVE YOU FERIAL” at the end of the day with “The Gal in the mirror”

I felt silly at first , now i say it with meaning, wink at her and tell her she is so awesome!

There is so much I have to say but since I put myself on the path of least effort …I am busier than ever before.

Life is busier and at the same time easier.

Much gratitude

Nature’s greatest miracle….FERIAL!!!