A breath, to breathe …calming , knowing that we are ok.

Do you ever notice that when we are angry we are told to take a deep breath.

We can go without food for aver 3 weeks and water for about a week.

We cannot go without air for more than 6 mins.  Breath…the life force in us.

Our connection to everything on earth, animals, plants and even tiny microbes.

When we meditate, we follow our breath to get in the right state..now we know the answer.

Cardio,,,increase your breathing, open your lungs ..get energize!

This weeks sit was interesting…I have always known and felt that I am part of the universe/higher being/God/Allah

I know when I go to bed at night and close my eyes, the darkness that I see is not pitch black but is moving.

My feelings are those of someone being part of the universe and seeing everything. This is difficult for me to explain but it is a powerful feeling. It is as though I am moving through space and that I can observe from above.

I told this to my mastermind partner and we both had a great discussion of it. I asked him if he can stand in front of himself and observe himself . Sitting, holding the phone , the angle of view…I can do that.

Isn’t that what really separates us from animals…we can observe ourselves.

It was interesting to mastermind with an actual person of MKMMA , sort of a relief. Her is someone who understnads what you are saying and able to feed off each others ideas.  I wish I had done this earlier.

So…those who don’t have a mastermind group…go get one!! Thanks Trish…I was just doing my homework and not expecting the results that I got!

Very busy time for me now…RRSP time and I am finding it difficult to put in all my readings. New and past clients are contacting me . The universe has spoken…ask and you shall receive.

I am doing all my readings etc. in the margin of time.

Good habits are the key to success!!!

Much gratitude for my mastermind partner.