This has been a crazy time for me.  I have more people interested in my business than ever before. More referrlas.

This past week end , I attended a Women in Primerica Event. The main guest speaker spoke of all the habits that we are forming in MMKA.  It was like she was speaking to me and telling me that I am on the right path.

This was such a powerful weekend that I can hardly sit still and the momentum to push through and getting all the stuff that Mark and Devene said that we have to do, has such a sense of urgency.

I am feeling so blessed that I have such clarity of where I am going, who I am and my future self says…leadership is yours.

Our guest speaker ,did nothing for two years into Primerica, she read, did a lot of self improvement, and she said that when she felt she was ready for leadership , things happened.

Don’t have midget thinking! Release the Giant within you.  Impactful since I was experiencing this.

My husband said that he could feel the energy I was giving off and that is when he knows to get out of my way.

I found that I am much more intuitive with people than ever before. My mastermind partner is so good for me.

As we speak, which is at least once a day, I experience this powerful being within me.

Today I had to take time for 3 hours of silence….I knew I needed it to organize my thoughts. I know I have an incredible amount of knowledge and it is only now I am applying that knowledge. Mostly that innate knowledge.

I have cried more times these past three days for I feel for others and wanting more for them. There have been tears of realization and happiness that galvanizes me to a higher level.

I have so much to say that words are not enough. I wish you could see/feel the energy that is with me.

My future self is now!

Much, much gratitude for this journey and who I am today.