Today, I did not feel to do anything…just glumpy!! I did not do my reading or sit until later in the day. I usually do mine first thing in the morning.

See…Wednesday evening I was put on the spot to talk about the goals I wanted to achieve for 2015. My answer was not clear or concise with definite income and timelines.  Standing in front of your team and not showing up as a leader was upsetting tome. I felt horrified that I did not do the small steps needed to get me to my bigger vision. ..I question how did I become a Regional Vice President without a plan?

Yesterday I went on the webinar GO90Grow and that was an eye opener…  I love what I learnt and did nothing!   I love what Mark said…it is Net Work marketing not Net Wish Marketing.

Doing nothing yesterday and today was my way of shutting down and feeling sorry for myself.  I read

Faye’s blog and got my butt moving.  Noting major but small steps ….contacting people etc.

I know what i have to do and why am I not doing it!! My old blue print in action ? Or am I just blue?

I am confused at this moment as to the how of accomplishing my PPNs ….yes I know the how will present itself.

Enough of the poor me and “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy”