These past few days I have thought about symbols …more so the ones we chase after.

In my business they are  the promotions, watches and rings…income level etc.

On my vision board I have a ring , I took pictures with me and hubby with various trophies showing our accomplishments, I used that to help me see who I am in the future.  I didn’t think I was chasing those symbols  because I know that for me to achieve what I want in life , those were the markers I needed to measure my success.

Spiritually, I want to change people’s lives and build a great business that would help me help others who would help others

Yes I do want more money and as stated I can only do good if I have a lot to give.

Now , we are told to become the person of the future, immerse ourselves until there is no distinction , like an actor who becomes the character he/she is playing.  I know the impact is great, I find myself walking like I have achieved those goals. This has made my speech more definitive and heard.

My sit today was not for me but for my fellow MKMMAs , I know as a collective , we can impact how others can achieve their DMP.

It is a different feeling, so easy to do when all you want is the best for everyone else. That is giving without reciprocity .

Much gratitude to all