I use to think that success was the accomplishments of goals and I guess that in some part that is true.

When I am going for some goal, my thoughts and focus is on those goals . It almost becomes a spiritual thing.

There! Success is very spiritual !

Success for me does not mean a bigger house, a fancier car etc…since being in MKMMA, my definition of success is to accumulate wealth so that I may exchange it for the things that would make my family and friends happier. This does not necessary mean material things. If one could ease the burden of someone that is struggling…isn’t that what kindness is all about?

I stated in my DMP …I have the right to be rich and for most people this may sound so mercenary.

Think about it…riches gives us better health, we cannot give if we have nothing to give!

A friend of mine once said that God loves the poor and God also loves the rich for the rich can help the poor.

This is what the spiritual side of me goes after, the riches to do more for others.

My visualization is so much better now that I know what I have to do to be the person I want to be in the future. It was interesting to stay focus on my visualization and not go off into  tangents. I did not realize it until I realize it and then it was easy to bring myself back to where I am in the future.

It really helped to understand that visualization means , sounds, sight and motion to be powerful.

My gratitude cards , makes me realize how we take for granted the simple pleasures in our life.

My family chuckled when they heard me say I was grateful for croissant! And I was , they are my most favourite!

My gratitude also extends to all the MKMMA friends that I have made and my alliance with someone I admire in my business. Much  much gratitude!