Yes I realize that I wrote the title in uppercase letters because that one statement has been the most dominant thought for this week.  I think of all the knowledge I have and that as I once mentioned  this does not make you a success or give you power.

I use to hear the people say ” Knowledge is power!”  Knowing what I know now ..this is such a fallacy.

Now does that mean that instinctively we use our knowledge to be successful or is that a focus for that particular goal? Or is it both?

As a former teacher , I use to say ” If you don’t use it you lose it”…this past week confirms it.

Now…what I do understand from this weeks reading is that insight is creative thinking. Lots of work needed here. I almost wish I have another week to go over this. Those little paragraphs are deceiving…they hold a wealth of meaning.

Ok…just got back from a Leadership meeting and they message which is what I am is to have a servant mentality.  You do what is right and you will succeed.

Great things are happening to me in terms of business. I am referred/approach by good people wanting more information. The difference is my confidence level, practicing my skills and most importantly speaking the truth.

Thank God for the the mental diet…I had no idea I changed as much as I did and I am so patient.

I understand to acknowledge the negative influences and then chose to do something about it. Meaning that I don’t allow it to affect my mood or my relationship.

My path to a better life has just gotten smoother.