2015:  I have so much to say ….

My expectations for myself  is to continue this journey and do as much to get as much out of MKMMA.

My belief level has increased and not because of the readings but of the results I am seeing in my life.

I am calmer and more in control of me and my thoughts. The seven day mental diet has gone beyond seven days…it is NOW part of me. I am more aware of my thoughts and the nano second that I am being/thinking negatively. Instant correction !

Scroll IV: Only confirms what I already knew about myself…I am unique!  What I love about Scroll IV is that now I must use what makes me uniquely different in thought, spirit and goodness to build my business. This goes beyond products and sales.

My vision has expanded , where by I use to write down big goals and not really believing that I can accomplish them…but now , I can be what I will to be! My goals are BIG and measured in a very realistic timeline.

My movie poster helped me in seeing the future me, this vision I carry with me at all times. I noticed that I am becoming the leader I will to be.  Funny , when I first started to repeat ” I will be what I will to be”  I just said it  but after a while I sing it and it is as our readings indicated…our cells are intelligent and they  are active in believing what we believe.

For me 2015 is all about preparation/getting those little steps done, my persistence and now learning about me ,

The sit for this week: Harmony….when I think of harmony, I see smiles, laughter, sunshine, the people I love and good times. I find myself smiling and happy. My day starts out happy and harmonious.

I recognize that  that I get more pleasure in helping others without reciprocity , that is such a great feeling !

New Years Eve , we had several invitations to party the night away. We spent it quietly at home enjoying our family and feeling blessed that we are together.

I had to blog and I know that I am all over the place but sometimes it is easier to just express myself this way.

A Very Happy, Healthy, Spiritual and Prosperous New Year to all my fellow MKMMA!