Scroll III , my foundation for everything in my life.

Everything that I am blessed to have in my life, past careers and promotions are all because I persist and I won! My old blueprint understood that very well…I called that the working man’s blueprint.  What I did not know was to love each day and to have gratitude for everything.

I looked at all the things that I accomplished was just because I worked hard …I missed the love and the focus of what I wanted.  Learning to be grateful all the time is easy once I realize that I had so much to be grateful.

Scroll III resonated with me on a level of always being a fighter and never giving up even when others think I am crazy to persist!

I love the line” I was not delivered unto this world in defeat” ..My mom fought for me. A 2lbs premmie brought into this world by rice field workers! Yes I persist and I breath, my life, my creation!