Scroll III :  I firmly believe that my successes in life has been because I persist. I am like the “rain that washes away a mountain”…slowly but surely I win!

I finally watched webinar week 12 and did the exercise….What a game changer!

I felt empowered and a surety that I can accomplish my DMP. I love the exercise and know I will do this over and over again. At one point I got angry at myself because I wasn’t doing all that I said that I would do to move me towards my DMP.  Then a calmness took over and that is when I became so sure of myself and my success.

So many things from this webinar…I remembered so many good things in my life and the memories and feelings overwhelmed me to tears. I forgot how much I have accomplished in my life and how many successful events I had. My focus has changed to embrace my successes and know I can be what I will to be.

My future self is beginning to emerge a lot more clearly.

I love her…