La de da…this is what my husband said to me…the other day and I noticed that he was right.

A new neighbour is building a monster home on the court yard and this bothers my husband so much that seeing him as we go to the office …controlled his whole mood and day.

When I asked him , why he allowed something so out of his control to bother him…he asked “if I expected him to treat everything as la de la”? I had taken many courses and seminars etc before and I think that he is expecting me to revert to being the way I was as before. Now I am more focused and I am going through my days handling everything as they come in a more calmer, positive and non judgemental way. Further discussion, revealed that I am not affected/reacting to things in a negative way.

I replace my negative thoughts with positive ones, smile and move on.  I think the smiling drives people nuts!

My mantra” I am whole. perfect, strong, powerful , loving, harmonious and happy” makes everything seem like nonsense.

So…I like my La de da life!