I promise….

Good habits are the key to success.

I greet this day with love

I persist.

Here is what has been happening since starting MMKA, my home is much more harmonious. The changes within are  having its ripple effect both at home and work.

I am not  doing what I promise myself to move my business…what is happening?  To say I have been neglectful of reading my DMP is the truth.

I think it is because I read it and it does not quite move me..I wonder if that is because I don’t believe it or I am going through the motion. As Fabulous Devene puts it ” doing MMKA as a course” and not really understanding the consistent involved work that needs to be done.

Working on the one sentence DMP is interesting…I wanted something passionate and alive and instead I feel as though it is academic.

So…I persist, I know I have gained quite a lot already ..just having my home harmonious is more than anyone can ask. I don’t get annoyed with little or big things. The mental diet has served me well . The Seven Laws…wow what a game changer that has been. I find myself telling others..” You can’t hold two thoughts at the same time..so make sure you hold a good one”

I know I have to rewrite my DMP . Mark is always saying that he is moved to tears…I want that for my DMP .

I know I am of service to others as can be seen this past week. One of my client is dying and I took time to visit her, spending lots of time with her son to help with planning etc. This was sad for me because this was a vibrant woman and she is not even fighting…I know I would be fighting all the way.

I procrastinate doing things this week trying to figure what is happening.  One minute I am right on track and the next don’t know where I am going.

I persist…I succeed