Starting this past Saturday, I began to let things slide…the readings, everything except my service.

I suffer from severe migraines and this was the first in a very long time, almost two years I had one as severe. That put a hold on everything since i couldn’t read, write or function.  So for five days I was unable to do my reading…what I was able to do was recite ” I am complete….”, Do it NOW!..and of course I am what I will to be’  I am glad that I have my movie poster…I couldn’t read but I could make out the pictures etc..  So I continue the best I could.  Today was my full day of reading and doing all that I should do.

It was month end and needless to say, I didn’t reach my targets however last week was a trying one….being tested I get it as I am writing.

Lots happened and being called to service those who needs me is amazing. I got several new clients through referrals and I am almost back to normal.

last night, my son amazed me by reading what was in the blank shapes. He said” Mom, I can see you achieving all that you said you are going to achieve”  Now it is pressure time…I have to persist.

I feel a bit lost on not being able to get my readings done, today I tried the visualization of the square etc. when I was reading it I saw it but not when I tried to create it on the wall. Got a black dot!

Good start….ink is in the mind!

Reading MMKA Week 10…whoa…there’s a lot to take in.  So many things that pops out at me that just blew me away! The inorganic and the organic …not crossing..I thought about that.

True as living beings we have to use the inorganic to make up our composition as a human being and yet there is no life in the inorganic but it is needed by us.

Speaking of human life….

Do you know the probability of someone being born is 1 in 400 000 000 000 000…yep one in four hundred trillion! And we don’t think we are unique!

With that in mind…I am off to catch up with other work and will continue at a later date.