Its working!  My DMP is coming together. Things are happening. I am being sought out to discuss my business.

I keep my love shining and that is what is making the difference. Singing and playing around with my movie poster, this is all helping.  It has been an interesting week so far. There are good news and then news that are not so good. I have learnt is how you look at the news and what you do about it/ think about.

I cannot hold two thoughts at the same time….that is the key for me .  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

It was easy for me to visualize a flower growing from seed than a battleship being planned.

What struck me as incredible is the sentence that in plants the cells are intelligent…they are multiplying etc.

Plants being intelligent?! Think about it…how else could they grow and produce such fragrant flowers.

Lots happening and I embrace the the feeling of being of service to others.

For all my American family and friends…Happy, blessed Thanksgiving!

In gratitude for all that MMKA has given to me.

Mark and Devene thank you.