Imagination, a big word with a lot of power. Reading MMK and learning to use my imagination has been a struggle. I did the exercise and found that I just couldn’t follow it through. I am persisting in this.

I am distracted, my thoughts takes me on a different path. I don’t get it..I can teach abstract since I can see abstracts. As a big Sci fi buff, I am always in awe of those who uses their imagination and create whole new world, galaxies etc. I use to wonder how a car was able to move..yes I know mechanics and combustion etc…but really how is able to move?

I sound like the kid who is always asking” Why is the sky blue?”

I look around the world without and know the stuff that we take for granted, cell phones, plasma TV, roads, bridges and the wonderful world of appliances were all part of someone’s imagination first before becoming a reality.

Yes as a former Math teacher I dealt in the abstract, 2b or not 2b? Depends on the question.

I bought myself a big scrapbook…and started to draw ( stick figures, can’t draw) to impress what I see when I think of my DMP.  This is helping…it forces me to imagine and build on that imagination.

My guide encouraged me to do the exercises and I am…I can now imagine following the path of someone’s creativity up to a certain point.

I am enjoying my music and DMP…this has put me in a more positive and upbeat place. This really helps change your cells into a dancing moving force.

My family is seeing the change around me and I notice they too are changing , very subtle ..mmm

To see the change in the world, you must be the change…