I thought that today I was going to focus on how blessed I am.

Yesterday I attended a family wedding and the wedding was beautiful, fun , lots of food and dancing.

The wedding was great but what made me get really emotional was the fact that my uncles and aunt , whom all live very far away, some with health challenges were there.  When we greeted each other, we just held on tightly and the love was just incredible!

The funny thing was I was thinking about one of my uncles for the longest while and not knowing when I would get a chance to see him.  And there he was! When I spoke to him, he said that the last minute , he felt he had to be there and he showed up.  Isn’t that amazing!  Every now and then I would look over to where my aunts and uncles were sitting and just say how much I love them (silently) and then to the whole room. The evening was marvelous.

My service to get done was only completed today at 11am…it is the shape that nagged at me. But I got it done!!! Yeah!

This has been a busy week and another jammed pack week to come. I know that sometime I feel like saying …quit but knowing and truly knowing that what I have gained in MMKA is revolutionizing my thinking of myself and the world without.  My weeks are jammed pack because I am following my instincts to do and work with my PPN.

Payoffs…not seen yet and at this time, it is more important for me to push through, make the time and show up.

I am holding on to the good feel of love and blessed with the knowledge that I can be what I will to be!

I greet this day and everyday with love in my heart.