I have been reading the “Gal in the Mirror”, looking at me and  telling myself I love ME!

Pretty cool….I really do like/love me and it was great, however when  when it came to having a conversation with my friend….I didn’t know what she looked like.  I am sure all of us think we know what we look like but seriously, I could not picture my friend’s face clearly.

So this morning, I spent 10 mins examining my face, straight, smiling and just smiling with my eyes telling me that I love ME.   It was quite a revelation to know that I did not see myself the way the mirror showed me. No wonder we are strangers to ourselves, present and future. I knew what I looked like  when I was younger and I could picture in my mind my younger(past) self.  That was easy, My present self, the usual thing we do, we look for the faults instead of looking at our souls. Without makeup, I spent another 10 minutes  staring at my eyes, nose, mouth , my skin and the whole face….I like this person.

She is loving and beautiful.

So I have now incorporated to really look at myself when I read “The Gal….”

My conversation with my friend is easier now that I know what she looks like. She is really fun to be.

I feel happy for her knowing that she has grown so much “within”.