No negativity…this was the rule. Started on Sunday and did well up to two hours.  Restart!

Monday morning (6am), can’t find my GS ( both copies!) , service cards and my in the flow…Restart

Not a good start and it is amazing how that affected the rest of my day… So I read my BB, used my shapes on my board to do my DMP and I thought ok this is an awesome day.

However, I did not greet the day with love and that was very evident. I had to restart 3 times before I reached my office…a 20 mins drive. Restart! Restart! Restart!

The rest of the day was very difficult since I spent more time looking for my GS…I missed it…habit ..absolutely !

By the end of the day I must have Restarted at least 20 times. I could not make it to DC again! I had a disagreement with the husband and that was the way my day ended.

Determined to find my GS etc.. I finally found them in my workbook binder…relief and anxious to start reading GS

I honour the last hour of the day as promised and started my readings. I had difficulty facing the Gal in the mirror and after reading “I greet this day with love in my heart” everything changed.  I forgive all the little stuff that drove me nuts during the day, let go of them and had a great night’s sleep.

I promise ” to greet this day with love in my heart” and  I promise to “love everyone in silence”

I always keep my promise