I am struggling right now doing the catch up with my exercises. I am not feeling I am putting my efforts into

MMKA. Yesterday I wasted a whole day , doing what I considered a half hearted service .My old blueprint is saying “quit” but I know I can be what I will be” and I am fighting through the best I can.

I just can’t seem to get everything done in the time allotted …yes I do work and I have schedule my time with MMKA .

As I mentioned on several blogs the mental housecleaning is in process and maybe this is where my old blueprint is rebelling.

I don’t know if anyone is feeling like I am.

I do however know there is a change in me, and others feel it. I am in the flow and I find that that is what is making me push forward and over ride the old blueprint.

I know in six months I will be the person I will be and that is worth the fight !

I always keep my promises