There I was sitting in a meeting and being asked for my opinion….mmmmm

I guarded my thoughts and replied, “What do you think?” Answering a question with a question was the best I could come up with.

The difficulty was listening to others giving an opinion and wanting to jump right in to give mine.

I did not realize how much of my vocabulary and speech were opinions. And it is funny how everyone around me are vying to express their opinion even when not asked! I watched and for the first time I learnt what I was doing as well …trying to outdo the next person. Is anybody struggling with this?

I promise myself to be generous and kind giving a kind word, small token, smile etc to everyone I meet. Interestingly,  that is what is driving my connection with everyone I meet. I am enjoying humanity in a different way.

See how many people will smile back at you or talk to you when you say “Hi”.

Back to opinion…hey I don’t have one!