Before rewriting my DMP, I went around asking all the people that are near and dear to me,what they thought about

my purpose in life. Their answer blew me away because it was not the ones that I put down for my PPN.

After much reflections and great blog posts in my mind as I am driving or have quiet time, I knew they were correct.

So I went back to Week 2 and then Week 3 webinar.  I really listened and followed the exercises and NOW my PPN are totally different from the first ones. Very superficial of me… again I was trying to be the good student and give what I thought the answer should be and not what it really is.

My DMP now moves me and I feel that I have found the true me, understanding that you can achieve success as long as you are true to yourself.  I know this is not strong enough to explain what I mean. It is a true understanding of your core being.

This past week, I have been on several meetings of religious nature as well as work related and everybody seem to be saying the same thing. Did I not listen in the past? How is it that everyone is saying the same thing?