This has been an unsettling experience.  As the good student, I was pleased to say I finished/accomplished and was able to know my PPN!! What a fraud I was! I just followed my programming to get the “work” done and to look like a good student.

As suggested by Carolyn, to go through the webinar of week two. This time I made sure I am in a quiet place and was able to focus. I really follow the instructions and now understand what my PPN are. I dug deeply into my deepest desire and now understand what I want. This is about me!!!

I also listened very intently to what Mark said about enthusiasm and overridding my subby.

I also learn that my programming is how I look to others….this held me back from fully engaging in the exercises. Tweeting and using social media for me was to expose myself. Still having difficulty with that one!

This weekend, I  promise that I will re-watch the webinar since  was only able to attend part of it, Thanksgiving and family, and I always keep my promise.